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Together we can make your delivery successful.

Designer Blooms reserves the right disregard any specific delivery time requests without any notice to the customer.

• Please ensure to check all information you are submitting is correct.

• Double check details especially names, addresses and delivery dates.

• Make sure someone will be able to receive the flowers or order.

• Each delivery address will be charged one delivery fee.

• Ensure someone will receive the flowers. We have a 20 min grace period for our delivery person to wait at your specified address. After which they will return the item back to our office where we will cold storage it for 24 hours. You may have the item redelivered for an additional fee.  At this point we are no longer responsible for the quality of the flowers or order.

• Designer Blooms will not refund paid orders once the order has been made (24 hours before delivery).

Terms & Conditions

  1. Designer Blooms shall not be held responsible for failed or returned deliveries due to the following:
    -If the recipient is not at the specified delivery address
    -If no one responds to the door bell
    -If the recipient refuses to accept the delivery
    In the event that one of the above mentioned instances occurred, Designer Blooms reserves the right to charge for re-delivery fees.
  2. Credit card fraud will be reported to the proper authorities and dealt with accordingly.
  3. Due to congested and unpredictable nature of traffic, we cannot commit to exact delivery times.
  4. Designer Blooms reserves the right to alter or modify order specifications to conform its corporate its corporate policies without prior notice such as color, kind of flowers or packaging.
  5. Designer Blooms reserves the right to refuse non-Designer Blooms items to be part of the delivery (such as, but not limited to gifts, toys, chocolates and hand-written cards). Designer Blooms will not held liable for the loss of or failure to deliver these items.
  6. For disputes, the customer must show proof of purchase (order number, order form and/or a photo of the product in question) within 24 hours of delivery.